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Your data is your business...

Cyber crime is at a all time high and with our dependency on technology it is not going to disappear. The best resource any business owner has is to protect there data. Data is one of your most valued resources and if your data is leaked, exploited, or damaged it can destroy your business.

Ransomware is not slowing down 4,000 attacks happened each day in 2016 (source)

84 percent of big data breaches were detectable (source)

Employee training can dramatically reduce the risk of your business being a victim of a cyber attack from 45 to 75 percent (source)

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Train Your Employees

Giving you peace of mind about how your employees use IT.

Shows Users Progress

Allows you to track your employees progress during training.

Tests Your Employees

After viewing the videos users will have a quiz to demonstrate their knowledge.

Be pro-active about your business's security

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