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Computer PRO Unltd.

The Computer PROs are here to help!

Having Computer Problems?


Our easy-to-use remote technology makes remote connecting and quicker easier than ever before.

Just a few simple clicks, then you can sit back and relax while the magic happens!

Stuck at home? Not a problem! We offer on-site repairs throughout the St. Louis Metro Area.

Simply call and set up a time for us to meet you, and we'll be on our way!


No matter the type of computer issues you're having, our fully stocked computer shop will have all the tools needed to fix your computer.

Set up a time, or just come on in to drop off your PC, and we'll help you out!


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Computer PRO Unltd.

A family owned business

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Proudly serving the metro St. Louis area for 22 Years

Remote Services

Here at Computer PRO Unltd., we spend a majority of our time helping customers through our simple-to-use remote service. Try it out in just three easy steps!

Step 1

Type in remote.cprou.com into any internet browser

Wait for an access code given by one of our technicians

Step 2

Download the software, run it, and you're good to go!

Step 3

On-Site Services

Stuck at home or work? We get it. That's why we offer on site repairs to make sure you're up and running whenever, or wherever you go.

The First Step

Give us a call to schedule a time for the on-site.

The Second Step

Be at the location at the time of the on-site.

The Third Step

Watch the magic happen.

In-House Services

We offer In-House repairs, tune-ups, and builds. Our shop has all of the necessary equipment to bring your system back to life. Stop on by and say hi!  

The First Step

Call to set up an appointment, or just drop by and we'll take your system into our hands.

The Second Step

Let our experienced PC Technicians do their magic!

The Third Step

Receive the "you're good to go" call, and pick up your system!

Give Us A Call

Don't have time to call us? Send us your phone number and we'll get to you as soon as possible!


Fill in the Form to contact Us!

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and we'll get to you soon!

We'd love to help you out with any of your computer needs! Give us a call or swing by today and meet our staff!

1475 Fairgrounds Rd., Ste 118

St. Charles, MO 63301